Volluma Instant Hair Thickener for Thinning Hair is a Professional Grade
Hair Thickening System for Men & Women Frustrated with Hair Loss.


About Volluma

  • Volluma Hair Thickening Spray is the instant cosmetic styling solution for thinning hair and hair loss in women and thinning hair in men.
  • Used worldwide by Hair Stylists and Hair Restoration Professionals to immediately improve the appearance thinning hair, it is Doctor recommended to improve the look of  transplants or hair recovering due to medication.
  • Whether your clients are using a shampoo for hair loss, a hair regrowth medication or had a hair transplant that didn’t produce the “hoped for” results, Volluma works – instantly!


The Volluma System

  • Volluma Hair Thickener and Volumizer for Thinning Hair is a cosmetic, water resistant, hair thickening spray. Available in ten natural hair colours, it may be used alone or in combination to match most hair colours.
  • Volluma Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo formulated to remove the water resistant Volluma Hair Thickening Spray when desired.
  • Volluma Finishing Spray a light hold spray with UV protection and shine boosters. It prevents colour shift due to oxidation and adds back shine.
Product Grouping

Volluma Hair Thickening System Development

Originally created by hair stylist Walter Weiss for himself in the late 1990’s, Volluma Hair Thickener is the result of years of  testing and collaboration with certified Hair Transplant Surgeons. Mr. Weiss continues to develop and manufacture Volluma products in Germany to this day.

Dermatological Testing

Volluma Hair Thickener has been tested and found “harmless as regards the possibility of skin irritation” by Derma Consult GmbH from Alfter Germany.

How is Volluma Hair Thickener Better than Similar Products?

Unlike other cosmetic enhancers, Volluma Hair Thickener is wind and water resistant so it “stays put” regardless of weather or physical activity. When applied as directed, Volluma will remain in place while sweating, swimming or getting caught in the rain!

Volluma Distribution

Volluma products are imported and distributed in North America by Wynner Group Inc. of Heidelberg Ontario, Canada.