Wynner Group Inc. is the North American Distributor of Volluma Hair Thickening Products manufactured in Germany.
Our offices and warehouse are located in Heidelberg Ontario, Canada about 1.5 hours west of Toronto Ontario. We ship next business day, Monday to Friday, to consumers and businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

Dale Lorna Denison Dale Lorna Denison – Sales & Customer Service.
Dale shares the emotional pain that women with hair loss experience as she has had personal experience with this embarrassing condition. Understanding that there is no silver bullet to hair loss, she has dedicated herself to providing cosmetic solutions and advice to women. Dale brings her uniquely female perspective on hair loss issues.

Christopher Denison Christopher Denison – Sales & Marketing
Chris started losing his hair as a teenager and knows all too well, the social pain of hair loss. Through personal experience and connections in the hair loss and hair salon industries, he strives to make a difference in the community of hair loss sufferers.Chris shares the pain and, through research, brings understanding and clarity to hair loss issues.

Our Vision

We make a difference by boosting the self confidence of Men and Women with thinning hair.

Our Mission

We do this by distributing professional quality cosmetic hair thickeners and other products for thinning hair through hair-care professionals and directly to consumers in Canada and the USA.