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Many of Your Male and Female Clients Need You to
Make Their Thinning Hair Look It’s Best
Help Them With Volluma

Check out the Salon Demo Videos below to see for yourself the instant results you get with Volluma Hair Thickener

Salon Demo – Woman with Thinning Part (1 min & 8 sec)
Salon Demo – Man, Very Thin Crown (1 min & 18 sec)

As a hair stylist, you are the trusted confidant of your clients. They tell you everything…especially their fear and frustration over thinning hair.

If they simply confided in you, that would be all right. You could offer your sympathy. But most of them are hoping you can work miracles. They ask you with big, sad eyes what you can do to keep their hair from getting any thinner.

But you know the truth, there is no cure for thinning hair. However…even though you can’t provide your clients with a cure, you can earn their eternal gratitude and respect with the next best thing: the quick and easy cosmetic solution from Volluma!

Volluma is an aerosol hair thickener that:

  • Instantly gives men and women the appearance of thicker, fuller hair with keratin microfibers
  • Is water resistant so it stays in place when wet
  • Is available in 12 natural shades to match most hair colours
  • Makes your clients look good and you like a hero
  • Makes you more money with a consumable, repeat purchase product

To show you the value of Volluma, we want to send you a free full-sized (300ml / 10 oz) can. That’s how confident we are that you and your clients are going to love this product!

What’s the catch?

We have a limited quantity of free cans for Professionals serious about helping their clients with thinning hair, so you’ll pay only $15 for shipping, but don’t worry, we’ll give you $25 OFF your first order of a dealer kit.

Volluma Spray

Simply fill out the form to the right, select the color sample you want, pay the shipping charge and we’ll send it to you right away including a demo DVD and a Brochure bundle.

Your clients will Love Volluma – and You for helping them discover it!
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We donate a portion of ongoing sales from the International Beauty Show-New York to support HelpMe2Stop.org in their mission to raise awareness of Trichotillomania, a devastating, compulsive hair pulling disorder